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Only Sugar Causes Cavities!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you sure!!!! Dentist said so!!!!!!

One of the commonest myth is that "Sugar causes cavities". we have heard this a number of times in our life time.
but the real question is how much is the truth in this??

lets find out the answer...........
what happens when we have something sweet to eat. a little amount of the sugar sticks to the teeth, this sugar finds its place in between teeth or between irregular tooth surface. but sugar itself is harmless if it is present alone. the problem arises that in our oral cavity there are a number of bacteria's working 24 hours. these bacteria also have a increased number in the areas where sugar find its place.
sugar act as a food to these bacteria. these bacteria eats sugar and releases some form of acids that actually damages the teeth.
we all know enamel is the hardest part of the body but still it is susceptible to the damage by acids. this acid when in contact with the teeth causes enamel to erode away, that causes decay. before a person get to know this the damage had already been done.
That is why trained dental professionals, like those in Dr.dentiste's team, remind the patients to brush teeth twice daily, floss regularly, get check up done twice in a year.
our specialist "dentist in rohini" works throughout the year to increase awareness and help people achieving a good oral hygiene.
our is one of the "dental clinic in rohini" who focuses on preventing, educating rather than treating.


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